HistoryIn 1931 after the lake was filled, a resort named Lakeview Beach was born. With small cabins and nothing more than a store with filling station, it would be visited and enjoyed by nature lovers, vacationers, fishermen and business worn people every year.

In 1946, Jake Drake, a butcher shop owner from St. Louis took his wife and 3 children on vacation to Lake View Beach. It was love at first visit, which led him to purchase the small resort. Times were rough for Jake as he worked the resort and his butcher shop. Eventually he was able to sell his shop in St. Louis and move his family to the lake, at the protest of his wife Ruth, as the lake was nothing more than a wilderness.

Outdoor Pool 1965Over the years, Jake added more cottages to accommodate the growing number of vacationers. In 1960, he added one of the largest pools in the Ozarks at the time, with spacious 20-foot wide sun decks. In 1972, he added the indoor pool, indoor fishing dock and laundromat.

In 1982, Jake’s son purchased the 41 unit resort from his father, so that Jake Sr. could retire. In 1983, third generation Jake Jr. joined in the resort business. They have spent the past 4 decades committed to maintaining a destination that families will want to return to year after year.

Old storeThe Drake family, through 3 generations, has provided family vacations for 70 years and the resort has provided memories for families for 80+ years. Now featuring 80 units from cottages to condos, the resort maintains its enduring appeal, providing a bridge between the past and the present. With units ranging from an original one-room stone cabin, up to a large 7 bedroom lake home, Lakeview provides accommodations like few others. Stop by, and you are more than likely to see one or more of the Drake family around the resort.

Comments from the writer, Pam Drake: When I took on the task of researching the history of the resort I thought it would be simple considering past history write-ups. But instead, I embarked on a journey back in time that I didn’t know existed. I learned of a time long ago that inspired me to search for more history and answers. A history that left untold, would fade away… I have a new understanding and appreciation of the resort, and I hope you will too for the man my husband knew only as Grandpa Jake, who had an undeniable love and vision for this resort and beautiful lake he called home. I only met him once before he passed away shortly after my husband and I met, but now I know “who” he was.

On behalf of the entire Drake Family, we would like to welcome you to Lakeview Resort.

Drake Family Photo

Your hosts: Jake Drake Jr., Pam, Destiny & Dustin Drake

Jake Drake Sr.

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Jake Drake Sr. 1912-1995